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Entrance Queries

Yes, but only if you present your valid CAMRA Membership Card.

We accept card and contactless payments on our entrance only. You cannot pay with card or contactless at the bars, however you can request cashback when paying with a card.

Families & accompanied children are welcome during the day. Children under 16 get Free entry.

Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the school (except for recognised assistance dogs).

If you're lucky to look young, then please make sure you bring proof of age with you. You will not be served if you look under age and do not have proof of age with you.
Please note that we only accept a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport that are in date as valid forms of proof of age. Any other forms of proof of age will not be accepted and you will be refused entry.

There is a refundable £3 deposit on all festival glasses, which you can keep as a souvenir. The refund is only available if the glass is not damaged and the refund counter is open.

Yes, but we can only serve into a CE marked lined glass, so you are welcome to hire a festival glass and pour your drink into another vessel.

Yes, just join at the Membership Stand.

No, sorry. Only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed on site. We will refuse entry to anyone trying to enter with alcohol.

Volunteering Queries

Anyone! As long as you are over the age of 18, your help is welcomed. You do not need to be a member of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) to volunteer, or even to like beer! We have roles in many different areas for all abilities. All we really need is enthusiasm and your time.

We are grateful for any time you have available to volunteer to the festival. All that’s asked is that each shift is a minimum of three hours. Volunteers are required from the 18th February to the 24th February.

No none at all, just the ability to do simple mental arithmetic and smile.

That's not a problem, there are plenty of people around who do. By the time you finish volunteering you will have a better knowledge and understanding.

We require volunteers at the main entrance, processing glasses, litter picking, welcoming customers, and building the site. There are plenty of roles which don't involve serving pints to customers.

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept volunteers who are over 18 years old, see you next year though.

If you work through a meal time you will receive food tokens to use at the onsite traders. During build and takedown food will be provided to.

In short, souvenir polo shirt, free food, beer and cider. But a whole lot more, being part of a team who produce one of the top UK beer and cider festivals. The experience, being able to preview beers/cider before they are sold to the general public.

Yes of course, please enter through the public entrance showing your volunteer badge for free entry.

The festival always needs people with specialist skills like, electrics, plumbing, IT, software development, video editing, finance, plant operator, including 3A, to mention a few. Please drop a line to hi@cbcf.info and introduce yourself.

Yes, if your using the festival as work/volunteering experience, ask the Festival Organiser or your manager who will be happy to give you a reference for your time spent at the festival.

If you have completed a form online you will have been sent a receipt that your form has been submitted. If you don’t hear from us after this email, please turn up 15 minutes before your first shift starts.

Other Queries

Smoking or electronic cigarettes are not allowed anywhere on the school grounds, so you will have to go outside school grounds to smoke.

Yes, there will be hot & cold food available (except for Invite Only preview evening). There will be a range of Curries & Chilli, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Jacket Potatoes. Chocolate and crisps will also be available. Soft drinks will be available on all CAMRA bars.

Yes, out side the festival there are places to chain a bike. However, we take no responsibility for any items left there.

No. Please see our Travel Info page for more details.

Cashback will be available.

There may be some cask lagers available on the main beer bar - ask a volunteer from the beer bar.

We hope to have Gluten Free or Vegan beers, but we can't guarantee it - ask a volunteer from the beer bar.

Key Keg will not be available at Winter Festival 2019.

Yes, disabled (wheelchair) access to the festival is very good, however, for disabled parking, you will have contact the Volunteer Manager via volunteer@cbcf.info to make arrangements.

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